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Duration:        few hours till several days
Start:          per request
Languages:   German or English
(additional languages on request)
Price:         on request


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The tour is custom-tailored to your desires.

It’s your choice:

The incentive is custom-tailored to your desires. However, we are glad to support you in the decision making concerning the planning.

Due to our longstanding experience the frankfurtbiketour team has the knowledge and expertise to create an unforgettable memory.

We are glad to provide a custom-tailored solution to your requirements. We are looking forward to hear from you.




on request

Who are we?

For over 35 years, we from and terranova have been organizing bike tours for demanding guests.We have developed countless cycling routes in Germany and in many european countries.We have the complete technical equipment required for such tours and the know-how necessary for cycling tourism, including the necessary operating insurance and concessions (for example for the transport of persons).

Thus we are able to create a distinctive excursion for small groups of 10 to 20 participants as well as for large groups of one hundred or more guests.Our employees have an excellent knowledge of all cycling routes and choose the appropriate infrastructure (e.g. restaurants, picnic areas, transfer facilities).This allows us to offer a large package of additional services for each tour.In this way, we can individually implement the needs and ideas of your company.

Excursions on the bike require additional experience.The organization of a staff outing places certain demands. During thistours, special needs of the workforce have to be taken into account beyond the tourist event.Often not all of the employees want or can accompany an excursion on the bike.However they must of course be integrated into the excursion in such a way that they also enjoy it.

Do we need our own bicycles?

No, of course not.We provide you with high quality bicycles.When developing our touring bikes, safety is always a priority.You and we must be able to rely on every part of the bike and itmust also be highly comfortable.Only if all ergonomic requirements are met, you can feel comfortable during the ride and achieve maximum performance with a minimum of effort.

Our bikes are equipped with the SHIMANO eight-speed shift or a new 24-speed chain / hub shift with a free-wheeling mechanism.This circuit is also very easy to use for inexperienced people.You can even pedal and switch at the same time. You don’t have to take your hand off the handlebars.

Also a large fleet of EBIKEs/pedelecs can be rolled out for your company!

Where do the tours begin?

The meeting point can be found on every tour under “arrival and departure” or “meeting point”.
However, we are also looking forward to your individual wishes!

How strenuous are our tours?

Of course, this always depends on your individual condition.Since a staff outing should be a great experience for everyone, our tours are suitable for everyone – that means even for untrained tour participants easy to manage.

Not all of our employees want to ride a bicycle.

Often not all employees want or can take part at an excursion on the bike.We can make you an offer where also employees are integrated into the excursion who do not want to ride a bicycle.

What happens if the weather is bad, do the tours take place anyway?

We know the worries of those who have never done an excursion with us: they fear nothing more than rain!Let one of our guests confirm: this fear is unfounded.Not that we can guarantee dry weather;Even with us it can rain.

But our guides usually know a way out.Sometimes it is enough to wait for the end of a shower under a canopy.Nevertheless, you should take heed: “There is actually no bad weather, but only wrong clothes!” In case of announced continuous rain we will get in touch with you in advance and discuss a possible alternative program.

How is the safety of the touring bikes secured?

All our bicycles come back into the care of our qualified bicyclemonteurs after every tour, which will thoroughly check them every two weeks.

What about toilet breaks?

Your guide will also know the “silent places” on the route and we will be happy to take a break.

Why explore the region by bicycle?

Who does not know those bicyclists who are racing along the main bike path in the colorful sports dress?These are certainly not our guests!Our motive to ride a bike is quite different: we want to experience the (urban) landscape.Our cycle routes lead to many sights and cultural objects, which will be remembered for a long time.With our competent, partly for years active guides for us, you will rediscover the region!

How many can participate in the company tour?

Through our wide Kow-How we are able to create a distinctive excursion for small groups of 10 to 20 participants as well as large groups of one hundred and more guests. Our employees have an excellent knowledge of all cycling routes and choose the appropriate infrastructure (e.g. restaurants, picnic areas, transfer facilities). That’s why we can individually implement the needs and ideas of your company.

We have set the following companies in motion:

  • Cannon – 15 participants – September 2019
  • Heinze – 63 participants – September 2019
  • Acanthus – 30 participants – September 2019
  • WISAG – 20 participants – August 2019
  • Ferrero – 20 participants – July 2019
  • Pfizer – 15 participants – May 2019
  • Hereaus – 95 participants – May 2019
  • Ernsting’s Family – 55 participants – September 2018
  • KIA Motors – 10 participants – August 2018
  • SUS Kanzlei – 20 participants – July 2018
  • Zaeske & Partner Architekten – 21 participants – June 2018
  • Sparda Bank München – 130 participants – June 2018
  • Fiege Logistik – 26 participants – April 2018
  • Milbank Tweed – 25 participants – July 2017
  • Fraport – 35 participants – June 2017
  • FCC EMEA – 34 participants – May 2017
  • Blackrock Frankfurt – 10 participants – July 2016
  • Architekturbüro Hader Stumpfen Schramm – 13 participants – July 2016
  • Finanz Informatik – 12 participants – July 2016
  • Kleinmichel & Kapp PartG mbB – 10 participants – July 2016
  • Uniglobealliancetravel – 80 participants – May 2016
  • Catholic kindergarten “Regenbogen” – 12 participants – May 2016
  • BancArt GmbH – 30 participants – April 2016
  • 42 INCENTIVE GmbH – 20 participants – April 2016
  • Berufsgenossenschaft für Gesundheitsfragen u. Wohlfahrtspflege – 16 participants – September 2015
  • Uni Credit Bank AG – 15 participants – September 2015
  • Dancing school Müller Merkt – 26 participants – September 2015
  • meet & more Veranstaltungsmanagement – 37 participants – September 2015
  • Enotech energy GmbH – 20 participants – September 2015
  • DZ Bank AG – 9 participants – July 2015
  • Wirtschaftsföderung Frankfurt – 25 participants – July 2015
  • Nestlé Deutschland AG – 10 participants – June 2015
  • Conference & touring – 50 participants – June 2015
  • Gas-Union GmbH – 75 – 90 participants – 2013;2014;2015
  • Dancing school Schneider – 10 participants – July 2015
  • Gasunion Frankfurt – 95 participants – June 2015
  • Euro engineering AG – 70 participants – June 2012
  • Haftpflichtkasse Darmstadt – 30 participants – August 2007
  • Genzyme GmbH – 40 participants – July 2006
  • IAV GmbH – 17 participants – June 2006
  • Euro engineering AG – 35 participants – July 2006
  • Keller Grundbau GmbH – 20 participants – September 2005
  • Haftpflichtkasse Darmstadt – 90 participants – September 2004
  • UP Consult GmbH – 21 participants – May 2004

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