The bike menu: Which bikes and E-Bikes can I choose?

The touring bike

When booking our tours, you can choose a bike that suits you perfectly. The following bikes are available:

    7-8 speed hub gears with coaster men's or unisex bike.

    28-inch Ryde wheels, aluminum frame in different heights, Shimano Nexus 7-8 speed gears

    21-27 speed derailleur with freewheel men's or unisex bike

    28-inch Ryde wheels, aluminum frame in different heights, Shimano Acera 21-27 speed gears

    your own bike

    on all individual and guided bike tours you can bring your own bike.

    What are the features of the touring bike?

    safety and comfort combined: High-quality gearing terranova bikes are equipped with SHIMANO eight-speed gears with coaster or 21-27-speed derailleur gears with freewheel. Safe brakes Our wheels with hub gears have three different brakes of the highest quality and thus offer triple safety. Two of them are modern V-brakes. They allow effortless safe braking even on long descents. High-quality saddle We use particularly high-quality saddles. With proper and individual adjustment of the saddle, seat discomfort is certainly avoided.

The E-Bike

    On which tours are E-Bikes available for rent?

At you have the possibility to rent an e-bike on all tours and trips. Due to the high demand we recommend a reservation already when booking the tour.

    Which E-Bikes does frankfurtbiketour rent?

On tours you ride premium pedelecs of the brands Velo de Ville / Kalkhoff / Kreidler. Alle-bikes provided by are equipped with Bosch or Shimano mid-mounted motors.

    Can I bring my own E-Bike on tours?
    You can bring your own E-bike on all tours. If you bring your own E-bike on a guided bike tour, please send us the E-bike model you ride when booking. Please note that we cannot assume liability for your bike in case of transport damage and that we do not carry all spare parts.

 Who are Ebikes suitable for?
    E-bikes are suitable for (almost) everyone! Young or old, sporty or couch potato - everyone can ride our E-Bikes. E-Bikes meet the sporting needs of people whose current fitness may not allow them to take part in a longer bike ride or to climb inclines without the greatest effort. In addition, E-Bikes are excellent for equalizing different performance levels of cyclists, because when riding in a group, it is not uncommon for one person to go too fast and another much too slow. These performance differences can easily be equalized with the help of an EBIKE.



Accompanying bus

Our Mercedes escort buses are driving bases on all guided bike tours, on which you can always rely. Without them, none of our tours would be possible. Without them, there would also be no bike transport trailers. Even the repair of a bike is easy with their help: The defective wheel is first exchanged for a replacement wheel and loaded onto the trailer.

In case of doing Incesntives another help by the escort bus is in the foreground: The possibility to ride in the bus instead of the bike. We also fulfill this wish whenever possible. As an important prerequisite for this, has the official concession for passenger transportation required by law.